Nature's Miracle Advanced Platinum Cat Scratch Deterrent Spray, 237mL, Discourages Destructive Scratching, Multi (P-98401FL)

CAT SCRATCHING DETERRENT: Specifically formulated to discourage destructive scratching throughout the home

SAFE FOR USE ON FURNITURE, FABRIC AND MORE: Designed for indoor use, safe for use on furniture, fabric and more when used and stored as directed

FORMULATED WITH ESSENTIAL OILS: Repellent scent formulated with essential oils

SAFE FOR PETS AND HOME: Safe for pets and home when used as directed

TRUSTED BRAND: From the maker of Nature’s Miracle products, the pet stain and odor removing brand you trust because it works!

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DX doxie’s Premium Cat Scratching board, Scratch Pad, Cat Lounger, Pet Bed Sofa, Double Use, Cardboard Replaceable, Durable, Long-lasting, Large size: 40cm x 40cm x 10cm

?【 SCRATCH, PLAY & SLEEP 】Your cat will love this circular, 2-in-1 scratching bed, which can be used for scratching when claws need sharpening, or as a place to curl up and sleep.

?【 LARGE SIZE 】The cat scratching bed measures 40cm x 40cm x 10cm (16” x 16” x 4”), which allow a big adult cat play and sleep on it.

?【 REUSABLE BED & REPLACEABLE DOUBLE USE SCRATCHING CARDBOARD】The scratching cardboard can be used the other side when one side is worn out. You could reuse the Bed by simply purchase a new cardboard in our shop to have a brand-new scratching bed.

?【 RECYCLABLE CARDBOARD 】The scratcher or scratch pad are made from corrugated cardboard. So not only is the material lightweight and durable, but it can also be easily replaced and recycled once worn out.

?【 ELEGANT DESIGN 】This cat box stands out from the rest with its elegant, white, sleek design. Both cats and owners can appreciate the beautiful and functional Cat Scratcher in any home. Simply place on the floor in the room of your choice.

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PetIsay Anti-Scratch Cat Scratching Deterrent Tape | Scratch Control Aid | Double Sided Cat Training Sticky Strips | Stop Cat Scratching Furniture Protector, Clear, 10CM x 15M(Single Roll)

PetIsay Anti-Scratch Cat Tape – This feline friendly tape is purrfect for protecting your furniture from little claws. Just peel, cut and stick where needed. The invisible sticky surface that it creates, will stop your cat or kitten from scratching.

Invisible Cat Couch Protector – You love your cat, but like your couch too! This anti-scratch cat tape keeps your furniture looking fantastic, and is totally safe for kittens of all ages. Great for cat training, it easily peels off without leaving any residue!

Versatile Cat Furniture Protector – This tape can be stuck anywhere your kitty scratches, from fabric and leather couches, to vinyl floor tiles, and varnished doors. Just add a little of this terrific tape to instantly protect your furniture!

Simple Cat Scratch Deterrent – Forget no scratch cat spray, this sticky tape keeps paws off your furniture, walls, doors and couches without any odour at all! Kittens quickly learn to keep their claws to their cat scratching post, so you can be sure your sofa is safe!

LIMITLESS APPLICATIONS – Can also be used as a general double-sided tape for mounting light objects and for woodworking and other DIY projects. 【IMPORTANT】: It’s not recommended to use it on faux or real leather sofa,because adhesive may damage leather surface! Always test before use!

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