Chutoral Pet Recover Collar Soft Pet Protective Collar Cat Cone Collar Anti-licking and Protect Pet Cervical Spine Protective Neck Collar Gray(S)

Material: The pet protection collar is made from a cotton blend that is soft, thin and lightweight for comfort. Your pet will feel no discomfort when wearing it.

Features: The cone collar does not interfere with your pet’s vision, nor does it interfere with their water and food intake. With the collar on, they can place their head in any position. They can eat, drink, sleep and play normally.

Function: The pet recovery collar prevents your pet from biting and licking the injured or surgical site and helps your pet to overcome licking, biting and scratching. It promotes healing from surgery or wounds.

High quality: Soft, lightweight cotton that is comfortable to the touch and will not irritate your pet’s skin, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience.

Package includes: You will receive 1 piece of pet recovery collar. Adjustable to the size of your pet’s neck, suitable for cats, dogs and many other animals.

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