Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver- Pet Hair Remover for Washing Machines, 3x100g (1 Box), Removes Odour Dissolves Dog, Cat, Animal Fur, Cleans Pet Bedding in Washing Machine, Easy to Use

WASHING MACHINE PET HAIR REMOVER- Vamoosh’s patented formula dissolves pet hair in the wash, leaving your pet’s bedding and washing machine hair free and sparkling clean. Use with your pet bedding and blankets, or on its own to remove hair from your washing machine. Vamoosh also helps to prevent hair related drain blockages

HOW TO USE- Simply place a sachet of Vamoosh into the washing machine with your pet’s bedding and blankets then dry as normal. We recommend using 2 sachets the first time you use Vamoosh due to the ingrained hair or when washing larger loads. Also, ensure that you use a hot washing cycle (85-95°C) for the Vamoosh formula to work (Washing machines can be adjusted to 85-95°C manually if a standard setting is not available)

CLEAN AND FRESH PET BEDDING- Experts recommend that we wash pet bedding every 1-2 weeks due to the hundreds of germs, MRSA and faecal matter that they can harbour. Ideal for washing pet bedding after a flea infestation to kill fleas, eggs and larvae, leaving your pet’s bedding hygienically clean and smelling divine.

THE GEEKY PART- Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver uses active oxygen to break down the keratin in the hair which ultimately dissolves the hair strands so they can wash away. Leaving behind no chemical residue on your fluffy friends’ bedding – and no harmful substances into the environment

PROTECTS YOUR WASHING MACHINE- Future washes are protected from hair, and the drum and filter are left clean after use, prolonging the life of your washing machine. Wash your pets bedding correctly with Vamoosh to help protect the whole family against pet related germs

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