cats playing with toys

Types of Cat Toys: Interactive, Automatic & More | Chewy

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Cats love to play, and what better way to have some cat fun than to play with cat toys? The best cat toys are ones from pet supply stores, since they last longer and are more reliable at keeping kitty cats playing. We at Chewy made this video of cats playing to show you all the different toys your cat might like to play with. Toys for cats come in all shapes and sizes, and all of these are sure to inspire you to come up with fun cat games. From mini mouse toys to interactive cat toys, there’s a toy on this list your cat will be sure to love. Catnip and cats go together like toast and butter, and I dare you to find a cat playing with ball toys who isn’t enjoying himself. The best part about cat toys is that they’re the perfect answer regarding how to exercise your cat. Moreover, cats playing games regularly reduces negative behaviors, like cats playing rough, biting, or scratching. There are so many varieties of cat toys out there like small chasers, wrestling toys, spring-loaded toys, wands, ball and track toys, automated and remote controlled toys, crinkling and rattling toys, cheepers, textured toys, and last but not least, catnip stuffed toys. There’s literally no reason to not get your cat a toy of her own! So click play and get started learning about all the cool cat toys you can get at pet supply stores like!

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