2 Pieces Interactive Cat Food Feeder Cat Food Ball Mice Food Tumbler Mice Shaped Pet Treat Ball Cat Food Toy Ball Pet Food Feeder

Safe material: interactive cat food feeders are made of quality plastic material, non-toxic and harmless, serving pets well and creating no affection on their health, you can use them with confidence

Size information: cat food ball has a top width of 4.3 cm/ 1.69 inches, a bottom diameter of 5 cm/ 1.97 inches, a height of 7 cm/ 2.76 inches, there are 2 colors for options, pink and white, please refer to actual color and size

Good practicality: the transparent design on the cat storage food ball allows your pets easily and directly see the food inside, good for you to replenish the food in time as well; The slow leak hole aims to help your pets develop a good habit of eating slowly, avoid eating too fast to affect their digestion

Attractive appearance: cat food ball owns an adorable and attractive mice shape, adopting tumbler appearance to stay on the ground firmly, which can greatly arouse great interest and care from your cats; When you are busy with work, the ball can help you entertain and feed your cats, a sweat tool to solve many problems for you

Easy to use: you just need to unscrew the tip, add snacks or food and then replace the top to fix it, your pets will find difficult to pull out the top cover by themselves, effectively cultivating their good eating habits and avoiding messes at home; When you want to wipe the inside, unscrew the top again to help you complete the work

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