SKIPPER'S Dry Fish Skin Jerky Cubes -100% Natural Gently Air Dried Fish For Dogs Treats, Good for the Health, High in Protein and Grain Free – Popular Dog Treats (Cube size Small, 300g Pack)

♥ HEALTHY DOG TREAT – Healthy dogs make happy dogs and what better way to nourish them than with a grain-free dog chew made entirely of fish with no artificial colours, flavours and sugars. Not only will dogs love the taste, but fish is packed full of omega-3’s and 6’s, aiding with joints, coat, skin, heart and teeth. Our 100% fish snacks are naturally high in protein and low in fat while also being hypoallergenic and gluten-free, making them the ideal treat for a diet.

♥ PREMIUM QUALITY ONLY – Using only the finest quality, human-grade fish. We dry our skins the traditional way, slowly and using lower temperatures ensuring all intrinsic values are kept intact. Unlike other brands, who cook their skins, burning them and making them brittle, our chews remain long-lasting, chewy and full of goodness. Since the skins remain chewy, the scales provide a great natural abrasive surface for teeth cleaning, providing excellent dental care.

♥ MADE IN THE UK WITH CARE AND LOVE – Being the manufacturer, as well as the online retailer, we can ensure only the best ingredients are used throughout the whole process to make our jerky doggy cubes. With such a diverse treat cube range, we cater for all sizes of hounds including puppies and supply different pack sizes from small samples up to bulk packs.

♥ ONLY THE BEST FOR YOUR BEST FRIEND – Our tasty pouch bag bites for a hound and puppy can be used for a variety of reasons: birthday gifts, Christmas biscuit, training activity, ball exercising, health, teething, positive behaviour, reinforcement, chewing, calming bedtime snack, high-value reward, dental care and canine enrichment. Give back the joy, love, friendship and happiness they give you and help them maintain active mood and lifestyle.

♥ ASK THE EXPERTS – With over 100 years of combined knowledge and experience in the pet and fishing industries, we are best equipped to advise our customers on the most nutritious complete food and snacks. Our team includes four-legged taste testers who continually monitor our products to ensure they are the tastiest fish treats around.

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