Regal Dog Products Custom Fit Waterproof Dog Collar with High Strength Buckle and Heavy Duty Ring – Adjustable Odor-Proof, Orange Waterproof Training Collar | Dog Collar for Large Dogs or XL Breed Dog

ADJUSTABLE/CUSTOM FIT – This handmade dog harness fits small, medium, large, and big dogs. It comes in size small (neck size 12″ to 18″ – width 3/4″) and large (neck size 14″ to 22″ – width 1″) – see sizing chart.

VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE – Will never absorb moisture or dirt. The durable dog collar is odor-resistant which is great for water dogs or hunting dogs.

DOGGONE DURABLE – Poorly made dog collars often break the first time your pooch lunges for a squirrel, but this thick dog collar is designed to endure it all! The loops and buckle are solid metal (not pliable plastic like other collars) and the vinyl-coated material is virtually indestructible.

DOGGONE PADDLE AWAY – Got a dog that likes to take a dive? Don’t come home with a soggy, smelly pet collar. Instead, return home smelling fresh(er) when your puppy wears this waterproof and odorless hunting dog collar! The non-cloth material never absorbs water, dirt, so it stays clean!

SIMPLY FETCHING – Give your dog some style with Regal Dog Products’ cool dog collars! Our synthetic material has the sophisticated look and feel of leather minus the animal product. Plus, it keeps your pup comfy thanks to its flexible, temperature-resistant design!

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