PETTOM Raised Cat Bowls Ceramic Double Cat Food and Water Bowl Set with Steel Stands for Cats and Small Dogs – Anti Vomiting, Spine Protection

Anti Vomiting: Double Ceramic Cat Bowls with Stands raise the bowl to a perfect height for maximum comfort when pet eating. Cat’s mouth is lower than stomach when eating, using elevated bowl is important, especially for cats with digestive issues.

Reduce Neck Burden: The stands elevate cat bowls to 7 cm (2.7 in), so your cat can eat in a more natural neck position rather than having to dealing with neck pain. Use one bowl for food and one for water, or as a twin feeding station for two cats.

Healthy Ceramic: Unlike the plastic or steel bowls, our ceramic bowls are sanitary, durable, no odor, rust proof and Microwave SAFE! Ceramic bowls also help with kitten’s chin acne.

Stable Stands: Our cat bowl comes with really sturdy steel stands which hold the bowls in place. Cats can’t push bowls easily, less spillage, less trouble!

Pet Dish for Cats and Small Dogs: Cats prefer shallow and wide bowls as cats may find it annoying having their sensitive whiskers constantly touching the sides while trying to eat or drink out of a deep bowl. Bowl diameter 13 cm, depth 5 cm, perfectly meets your cats’ needs!

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