Pets Purest 100% Natural Plaque Off, Plaque Remover & Tartar Remover For Dogs, Cats & Pets (180g) Breath Freshener Dental Care Prevents Plaque & Tartar Build Up Freshens Breath Prevent Gum Disease

NO MORE PLAQUE, TARTAR AND BAD BREATH: Our plaque control powder has a market leading FOUR active ingredients much more than other competitors. Its powerful formula will help prevent plaque and tartar build-up along with the added bonus of keeping your pets breath fresh!

PACKED WITH POWERFUL AND PROVEN NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Contains SEAWEED & FRAGARIA which is proven to help reduce and control plaque build-up. PEPPERMINT & PARSLEY work to neutralise odours which cause bad breath. These active ingredients work together to ensure your pets oral hygiene is in check.

HELP YOUR PET HAVE GREAT ORAL HYGIENE: GUM DISEASE can cause abnormal bad breath and lead to huge VET BILLS in the future. Reduce your pets chances of becoming ill and look after your pockets by adding this plaque control powder daily to your pets food.

EASY AND MESS-FREE: Maybe you’ve tried to give your pets capsules or tablets before and found that it just didn’t work. That’s why our Plaque control comes in an easy to use powder formula that can simply be sprinkled and mixed with your pets daily food.

MADE WITH ONLY THE PUREST 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: At Pets Purest, we love our four-legged friends. That’s why we make only the purest supplements for pets. Our Pure Plaque Control supplement features all-natural ingredients and is made in Britain.

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