Pet Remedy Natural De Stress & Calming 120 Day Starter Kit

INSTANT RELIEF FOR YOUR PET from stress symptoms: aggression, behaviour change, spraying / soiling, over-grooming, lack of interaction, pacing, loss of appetite, chewing, scratching or excessive yawning.

PET REMEDY 100% NATURAL cat and dog diffuser offers natural dog anxiety relief and cat calming when they’re anxious, stressed by fireworks, change of routine, hyperactivity, travel, vet or groomer visits. It activates their natural calming mechanisms.

100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS in Pet Remedy cat and dog calming products instantly calm any anxious cat, dog or other pet disturbed by loud noises, the loss of a companion, change in routine or being home alone.

VET-APPROVED AND RECOMMENDED Pet Remedy’s clinically proven products are a highly effective, natural alternative to synthetic pheromone anti-stress treatments for dogs and cats.

NO SYNTHETIC PHEROMONES – Gentle essential oils mimic a natural calm-inducing amino acid – GABA (gamma amino butyric acid), present in all mammals, reptiles and birds.

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