Mister Ben's Original Silver/MAXX Hot Spot Spray – Advanced Natural Dog Wound Spray For Hot Spots, Itchy Skin, Rashes, & Irritations – Herbal Colloidal Silver Spray For Dogs, Cats, Horses & Small Pets

[ Finally, A Product That Works As Advertised ] This Advanced Herbal Formula with Colloidal Silver is perfect for dogs, cats, horses, and other small pets; Our dog anti itch spray helps relieve hot spots, cuts, burns, abrasions, minor wounds, dry, cracked noses, irritated paws, rashes, and more; Each spray also includes an eBook to help you manage your pet’s skin health

[ Fast-Acting, Natural Spray That Doesn’t Sting ] This hot spot treatment for dogs, cats, and other pets gets to work right away; It’s a natural, powerful blend of Colloidal Silver (50 PPM), Organic Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Spearmint, Oregon Grape Root, Ginkgo, and Mullein

[ Vet-Approved Formula Without Harsh Ingredients] Mister Ben’s Original Silver/MAXX Advanced Relief Skin Spray is approved by vets because it’s safe and provides pets with the relief they desperately need; This cat and dog itch spray is made in the USA without Parabens, Soaps, Dyes, Fillers, or Artificial Fragrances

[ You’re Helping Us Help Animals That Are In Need ] Your purchase today of this cat and dog itch relief spray is positively impacting your pet’s well-being and many others, too; For every unit sold, we make a donation to Last Chance Animal Rescue in Southampton, NY

[ We’re Here For You & Your Pet Around The Clock ] Our company motto is We Care… You Count; To show how much we care, we provide 24/7 customer support through email, phone, or social media; If you ever have any questions or concerns, message us, and we’ll happily assist

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