LIN KANG Cat Feather Toys,Interactive Retractable Cat Teaser Wand with 3 Wings and Feather Toys and 4 Worm Toys (9PACK)

2020 upgrade model] 2020 upgrade model wand, thicker, more flexible, not easy to break, more durable, catnip wings feathers are more attractive to cats

Safe and environmentally friendly materials; made of high-quality non-toxic materials, 100% safe and natural for your pets. Taking into account their greatest interest in the environment, our toys are specially designed for cats and kittens. The combination of teaser sticks and wing feathers can mobilize the cat’s activity without causing accidental scratches

Interesting design: The cat toy set is a feather replacement made of natural feathers (including feathers and worms). The cat feather toy is novel in style, beautiful in color, and the feathers have bells. When playing with a cat, the feathers will swirl, which will increase the cat’s interest.

Promote healthy activities; our interactive toys encourage cats and kittens to exercise while playing. A teaser stick with a feather toy will attract the cat’s attention and make it flip, jump, chase and hunt. The stimulating hunting instinct will encourage healthy active movement and reduce anxiety, while enhancing contact with pets.

【100% money back guarantee】We are committed to providing high-quality products and customer service, if you have any questions, please contact us, we will give you a satisfactory answer

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