KORIMEFA Cat Tree Cat Tower with Natural Sisal Scratching Post for Kitten Small Cats Activity Platform Playground Furniture with Plush Mouse Hanging Ball Toy for Playing Climb Relax and Sleep…((Gray)

❤【Size】: The overall size is 11.8 inches long/11.8 inches wide/15.75 inches/height. Best for kittens under 8 pounds. Please note that this cat tree is not suitable for overweight or big cats, please evaluate the weight of the cat at home before purchasing the product.

❤【Cat’s Paradise】: KORIMEFA cat tree is suitable for cats to grind their claws, perch, scratch, rest and entertain, so that your kittens have enough space for activities. Keep your mood happy, exercise your cat to stay healthy, and prevent scratching furniture, clothes, curtains and carpets at home.

❤【High quality】: The reinforced column wrapped with natural sisal rope can help the cat to grind off its claws, which can prevent the cat from scratching the furniture. The high table and the chassis are covered with soft plush, which is very comfortable, and the cat will be safer when sleeping. Plush mice and plush balls add fun to the cat and provide the cat with a beautiful place to relax.

❤【Simple assembly】: It can be easily assembled in a few minutes without tools. It is easy to disassemble for storage and does not take up much space in the house.

❤【Included components】: There is a Koreme cat tree on the product, as well as a spring plush mouse and hanging ball toy connected to the product.

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