K&H Pet Products Mother's Heartbeat Heated Cat Bed with Heart Pillow Heartbeat Kitten Toy Gray 11 X 13 Inches w/Cat Heartbeat Rhythm

Heated cat bed with heartbeat rhythm is specifically designed to mimic the heartbeat of a mother cat

Kitten heartbeat set includes a heated cat bed, a heartbeat device set exclusively for cats, and a heart pillow

Mother cat heartbeat helps kittens transition to their new home and reduces anxiety and stress

Heartbeat pack can be inserted into the heated cat bed or the included heart pillow

This heated cat bed has been tested & certified by MET Labs to exceed USA/CA electrical safety standards

One year limited warranty; BRAND YOU TRUST: Designed by K&H with OVER 20 years of experience in creating innovative, quality products

Heated cat bed measures 11 X 13 inches; heartbeat pillow measures 6 inches

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