katsuya Pop And Play Cat Toy 2.0, Cat Interactive Toys 360° Rotation Electronic Smart Random Moving, Funny Cat Tool Claw Pet Supplies (USB Green)

🐱SAFE EXERCISE: The motorized Peek-A-Boo gameplay encourages sporadic exercise, allowing cats to play indoors, and ensuring the cat’s safety while exercising

🐱FUN EXERCISE: keep making kittens interesting, let Pop N Play do it for you! The mobile peeking boo will prompt sporadic movements and stimulate the kitten psychologically and physically. Cats of all ages will naturally like hunting!

🐱OFF IS AUTOMATICALLY TURNED: off-occasional “peeking boos” can attract kittens, just like real prey! When the kitten is about to take a nap, the built-in 15-minute automatic shutdown function helps to extend battery life

🐱360° DOME SHAPE: The unique design is very suitable for the entertainment of one or more cats! For all furry friends, this is a perfect meeting place, allowing them to play and jump from any angle!

🐱 NON-SLIP, STURDY BASE: The durable, lightweight base is easy to move and store at will! The firm non-slip rubber handle at the bottom of the toy prevents the cat from sliding while playing.

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