JR Pet Products (5 x 7 Inch) 100% Ostrich Meat Braided Tendon Twisters Long Lasting Dog Chew Treat High Protein & Low Fat

5 x 7 Inch Premium Long Lasting 100% Braided Ostrich Meat Tendon Twisters (25/30g Per Twister)

100% Ostrich meat, novel protein source which is very LOW in Fat & extremely HIGH in lean Protein. Hypoallergenic, Grain & Gluten free. Promotes dental cleaning & oral hygiene. Aids with natural teeth flossing.

Low odour, none greasy, no mess. Suitable for Dog’s of all ages and Puppies from 3 months.

Composition – 100% Ostrich Typical Analysis – Protein 98.78% Fat 0.46% Ash 0.61%

Responsibly sourced by JR Pet Products from a sustainable Ostrich farm in South Africa.

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