Hulk Pet 6-inch Bully Sticks for Dogs (Pack of 10) 225g Natural Scent & Long Lasting Dog Dental Chew Made of Beef Pizzle Sourced from Grass-Fed Cattle with No Artificial Flavor or Preservative

Healthy and All Natural: Made from a single large beef pizzle that contains vitamins, proteins and minerals. Which supports your dog muscles, brain, skin and coat. These dog dental chews are free from artificial chemicals and additives.

Promotes Dental Health: Hulk Pet bully sticks help promote dental teeth, jaw movement, and gums by removing build up plaque and tartar that accumulates between teeth. These bully sticks provide the safest way for your dog to enjoy snack time.

Completely Digestible: Unlike other types of bones and chewables, these bully sticks are safe for your dog. Bully sticks are easily digestible and offer many healthy benefits to your friend.

Long Lasting: Unlike other low price bully sticks, these bully sticks are moisture free and baked at high temperature and Provide a great alternative for your beloved dog.

Note: These bully sticks are best fit for small and medium sized dogs. After opening the package to use, make sure to prevent bully sticks from air. We care for your hard earned money and want to provide you with the best experience through our bully sticks.

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