HO2NLE Pet Foot Washing Cup Dog Cat Paw Cleaner Kit Pet Cleaning Brush Cup with Absorbent gloves Portable Detachable Silicone Brush for Cleaning Dirty Pet Paws Feet Outdoor Indoor Grooming Blue

Effective cleaning: The dog paw cleaner can effectively clean the sand, dirt, bacteria and some details that cannot be cleaned normally on the pet’s paw. Keep your room clean and tidy.

High-quality materials: The bristles inside the paw cleaner are made of silica gel, which is soft and comfortable, which can avoid the pain and discomfort of pets when washing their feet.

Simple to use: Add water to the paw cleaner for dogs, put the pet’s paw into the pet foot washing cup, move the cup up and down or rotate the cup to clean the pet’s paw.

Removable: The dog washer is composed of a cup and a brush pad. After cleaning the dog’s paws, the footwashing cup can be disassembled and the mat can be taken out for easy cleaning.

Two sizes: Our pet cleaning brush Cup has two sizes, one large and one small, which can meet the size of most pets’ paws. Choose the size that suits your pet.

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