HelloMiao Foldable Cat Litter Box with Lid, Drawer Style Enclosed Deodorant Cat Litter Toilet, Large Cat Litter Pan with Pet Plastic Scoop for Cats Under 8 Kg (17.6 Ib) (Cherrypink)

【Effectively Prevent Cat Litter Brought Out】- The Cat Litter Box adopts a front-in and top-out design. The cat can only enter through the front entrance and jump out from the top exit. In this way, the possibility of cats bringing out the litter is reduced. Coupled with the large-area mesh grid pedal on the top cover, when the cat walks on it, the cat litter will fall into the cat litter box, thus completely avoiding the possibility of bringing out the cat litter.

【Drawer Design】- The Cat Litter Box adopts a drawer design. You only need to gently pull out the bottom tray, you can easily shovel or replace the cat litter without damaging the floor and leaving no marks. Children in the family can also complete this task easily.

【Foldable and Disassembled】- Unlike other large Cat Litter Pan, this Cat Litter Pan adopts a folding design and can be installed very easily. When not in use, the height after disassembly is only 12.5 cm. You can place it anywhere in the house without taking up too much space.

【High-quality Material】- Use high-quality PP material , strong impact resistance, firm and not easy to collapse. There is also have reinforced bar at the bottom to protect the cat and strengthen the durability of the folding cat toilet, without fear of falling apart.

【Warmly after-Service】- If you encounter any problems during the installation or use of the cat litter pan, please contact us and we will promptly solve any problems you encounter.

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