Heavy Duty Reflective Dog Collar – Adjustable Dog Collar with Durable Metal Buckle and Center Ring, Anti-Odor, chew Resistant, Waterproof Dog Collar for Small, Medium and Large Dog

π—¦π—”π—™π—˜π—§π—¬ π—”π—™π—§π—˜π—₯ 𝗦𝗨𝗑𝗗𝗒π—ͺ𝗑 – Walking your dog in the dark is dangerous. Fetch some safety for both you and your furry friend with the Black Reflective Dog Collar by Regal Dog Products! As cars pass, the highly reflective strip notifies drivers of your presence so they can safely steer clear. Keep your dog visible and out of harm’s way wherever you may go day or night.

𝗨𝗑𝗖𝗔𝗧𝗖𝗛 𝗬𝗒𝗨π—₯ π—–π—”π—‘π—œπ—‘π—˜β€“ Not only does the reflective strip on the Black Reflective Dog Collar keep your pet safe, but so does the innovative center ring! if your dog gets caught on a fence or branch, the center ring allows your dog to relieve pressure from their throat until rescue can arrive. It also serves as a handy spot to attach your leash.

π——π—’π—šπ—šπ—’π—‘π—˜ 𝗗𝗨π—₯π—”π—•π—Ÿπ—˜ – Poorly made dog collars often break the first time your pooch lunges for a squirrel, but this thick dog collar is designed to endure it all! The loops and buckle are solid metal (not pliable plastic like other collars). Strong Buckle D Ring supports pull of 600 lb. Innovative coated nylon material provides extra durability for even the most active dogs; stands up to all weather, terrains and is virtually indestructible.

π——π—’π—šπ—šπ—¬ π—£π—”π——π——π—Ÿπ—˜ 𝗔π—ͺ𝗔𝗬 – Got a dog that likes to take a dive? Don’t come home with a soggy, smelly pet collar. Instead, return home smelling fresh(er) when your dog wears this waterproof and odorless hunting dog collar! The non-cloth material never absorbs water, dirt, or bacteria, so it stays clean! Perfect for your beach bound pooch or hunting dog.

π—¦π—œπ— π—£π—Ÿπ—¬ π—™π—˜π—§π—–π—›π—œπ—‘π—š – Give your dog some style with Regal Dog Products’ cool dog collars! Our synthetic material is military grade and will hold up to the toughest conditions. Plus, it keeps your pup comfy thanks to its flexible, temperature-resistant design!

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