FurHaven Pet Dog Mat | Muddy Paws Towel & Shammy Rug, Charcoal (Gray), Runner

AIDS IN UPKEEP: The Furhaven Shammy Rug is made to absorb water and moisture while also trapping various pet debris. It’s perfect for keeping wet, dirty paws off the floor. The rug is also ideal for placing upon your dog’s feeding bowls for tidy dining.

SLEEP & PLAY SURFACE: The collection of microfiber chenille fingers make for an ultra plush and luxuriously soft surface. It’s unbelievably gentle on noses and paws, making the shammy perfect for both sleep and play!

PRODUCT DETAILS: Runner (60″ x 30″ x 1″), Color: Charcoal

EASILY CLEAN UP AFTER PETS: We at Furhaven know that pets can present some unique cleaning challenges. That’s why we’ve made these activity mats completely machine washable!

WARRANTIED FURHAVEN MERCHANDISE: Purchase products only from “Furhaven Pet” or that are “shipped from & sold by Amazon.com”.

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