Floppy Fish Cat Toy,Dancing Fish Cat Toy Interactive 11-Inch USB Charging,Electric Cat Toy Fish Made of Short Plush,can Chew and Kick,Reducing Stress and Relaxation for Cats.

๐ŸŸ[Automatic induction interaction,intelligent stand by]:floppy fish cat toy with automatic induction movement,when the cat touches catnip fish toys,fish cat toy will make a sound and swing back and forth,3D cat toy interactive fish’s swing matches with mint,attracts cats,and interacts with cats,which is very helpful for reducing stress and relaxing emotions in cats.If don’t touch the flopping fish cat toy about 15S,it will automatically stand by without worrying about battery consumption.

๐ŸŸใ€Upgrade the version,more sensitive cat fish toyใ€‘Fabric printed with 3D printing technology has a sensitive touch,and the cat โ€™s light touch will make the tuna cat toy swing like a real fish quietly.Won’t scare your cat.Catnip fish toys can attract cats in the first time,stimulate the cat’s hunting instinct,bite and kick the dancing fish cat toy hysterically,and bring more fun to cats.

๐ŸŸ[Upgraded zipper design,bite-resistant,cat protection]:fish cat toy that moves uses high-quality plush cloth,filled with pp,soft material,will not harm the cat โ€™s claws and teeth,is very suitable for chewing and kicking foot.Upgraded zipper design,more durable fish toys for cats.When you are at home,cat toy interactive fish can better play with cats and enhance your feelings.

๐ŸŸ[Reusable rechargeable,washable floppy fish]:An upgraded version of the old battery compartment of fish cat toy.USB rechargeable movement eliminates the cost and trouble of replacing the battery.More environmentally friendly.Send a charging cable with the product packaging. Removable design of the movement makes it easier to clean the flopping fish cat toy.

๐ŸŸ[Multi-purpose usb fish cat toy]:Cat kicker toy that moves,beating electric fish toy can also arouse the curiosity of children,as long as it touches wiggling fish cat toy,it will swing,allowing children to beat toy.

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