FEANDREA Cat Tree, 75.2-Inch Tall Cat Tower with Scratching Posts, Hammock, Cat Caves, Padded Perch, Cat Activity Center, Smoky Gray UPCT191G01

Come On, Climbing Pros: Often find your cats sleeping up on your cupboard or hanging out on your kitchen cabinet? It’s time to offer them this 75.2-inch tall cat tree, which will be their new favorite spot to climb, nap, and observe the house

Cozy Day and Night: Take a sunbath in the fluffy hammock, stretch a little bit on the padded top perch, curl up in the spacious cat cave for a sweet night’s sleep…your cat knows all the cozy spots!

Reliable Stability: Do you have an energetic cat? No problem. With a reinforced base and anti-tip kit, this cat tower is safe and stable for cats to jump up and down. So, let your little furballs run wild at will!

Scratch, Scratch: Your cats like to scratch? Yes! But do you like them damaging your furniture? No! Well, this cat condo has sisal-wrapped scratching posts so your cats can let off steam in this area and let your sofa go

Make Your Friends Happy: Spoil your cats with this tall cat tree so they won’t feel lonely when you’re away, and let them play and relax in comfort

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