EXTSUD 33Pcs Cat Toys Kitty Toys Assorted, Cat Tunnel Catnip Fish Feather Teaser Wand Fish Fluffy Mouse Mice Balls and Bells Toys Set for Cat, Kitty, Kitten

Cat Toy Set: 33 pcs Assorted Kitten Toys include a Foldable Cat Tunnel, 2 Jingle Bell Balls, 2 Rainbow Color Balls, 2 Fuzzy Balls, 2 Column Bell Toys, 2 Crinkle Balls, 2 Golf Balls with Feathers, 2 Leopard Print Cloth Balls, 2 Fish Bell Toys, 2 Colorful Mice, 2 Little Mice, 2 Monochrome Furry Mice, 2 Cage Mouse Balls, 1 Leopard Print Cat Teaser Wand, 1 Feather Teaser Wand, 1 Cat Catnip Toy and 5 Natural Silvervine Chew Sticks.

High-Quality And Safty: The Kitten Interactive Toys Made of High Quality and No-Toxic Material, Durable and Safe for Your Cats. A variety of styles more gameplays.

Busy Cat, Healthy Cats: Release cat’s energy, stabilise their emotion, increasing their movement to keep fit healthy. Evoked curiosity, let it love is cat’s paws.

More of Your Cares: Do you have not the time to play with your cat? There is no time to play with the cat, the cat can play its by itself. Great for keeping your kittens busy or bring out the most fun. Cats enjoyment, pick it up.

Interactive Cat Toys: Your kitty will have hours of fun playing with these toys, chewing, chasing, scratching, catching, cheer up your cats out of boring.

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