Electric Cat Flopping Prawn, Moving Cat Kicker Lobster Toy, Realistic Plush Wagging Lobster, Wiggle Lobster Catnip Toys, Moving Kitten Chew Bite Toy, Plush Interactive Cat Toys, Fun Toy For Cat Exercise

😻Safe & Durable Materials: this kitty toy is made of durable soft fabric with long hair plush, safe and non-toxic for your kitten

😻USB Rechargeable Design:Large capacity battery can be used for a long time.One charge is expected to be up to 200 beats.The included chargeable motor is detachable for convenient cleaning of the plush toy.

😻Easy To Clean:The dancing lobster is used the soft washable plush cover,so it is easier to clean it regularly and replace it regularly.Note:the movement is not waterproof.Take out the movement before washing the cloth cover

😻Catnip Toys:This cat toy will come with insertable pouches of cat nip, which has intense attraction to cat. The lobster has a conceal pocket that keeps the motor and the catnip inside, so you can put catnip inside it, it will make your cats going crazy and gain more fun. It is a great companion for those who’s cat is bored or lonely!

😻Realistic lobster Simulation:the interactive catnip toy looks like a real prawn,also the catnip insided,easilly can catch your cat’s attention,keeping your kitty on her paws and engaged in real time, alleviating boredom and loneliness when you are away from home.

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