Dragonfly Products 10 pieces Rabbit Ears for Dogs WITH FUR EU Natural Treat 150g

✔ 100% EUROPEAN PRODUCE – no imports of dubious quality for us.

✔ 100% NATURAL TREAT NATURALLY GRAIN & GLUTEN FREE – just 100% Rabbit Ear air dried at 130°C and that’s it. Unsmoked and no added spices or flavouring, no grains, wheat, soy, corn, gluten or fillers! A healthy treat, perfect for dogs with allergies

✔ NATURALLY LOW FAT – a great alternative to traditional Pigs Ears if weight gain is a concern or your dog is on a low fat diet

✔ A NATURAL WORMER – our rabbit ears WITH fur are a natural wormer for your dog, keeping parasites at bay, reducing the need for worming tablets

✔ RESEALABLE PACKAGING – our bags have a handle and are resealable to keep your product fresh for months and odours contained

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