Dog UTI Treatment – Incontinence, Bladder, Kidney & Immune System Support – Cranberry Pills for Dogs – D-Mannose & Echinacea – Made in USA, 120 Grain Free Soft Chews

Dog UTI Treatment: Instead of using repeated antibiotics, prevent urinary tract infections BEFORE they happen.

Natural Healing: Our cranberry pills for dogs balances pH levels in the urine to protect the bladder and kidneys and has the highest amount of non-GMO D-Mannose of any product on the market.

Easy To Administer: It’s never fun to force your dog to take something. Unlike powders, liquids, or pills, our soft chews don’t need to be mixed into food or disguised. Dogs love the chicken flavor of our soft chews and are easy to chew by dogs of all ages.

Pure and Safe: Our soft, chewable cranberry treats contain no gluten, dairy, soy, corn, sugar, salt, or gumming agents so you can feel good knowing you are giving the best to your pet!

Satisfaction Guaranteed: We are confident your dog will be impressed, but we offer a 100% hassle-free refund policy just in case.

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