Dog Buttons for Communication Voice Recording Buttons Dog for Words Talking and Answer Buttons Personalized Sound Answering Buzzer Best Toys for Dog Tranning Set of 5 (Battery Included)

🧈【Premium Materials】: Using the new best chip makes the recording sound clear without noise, very loud and clear, the case is super durable plastic, durable!

🧈【Recordable buttons for dogs】: Can record up to 30 seconds, can record a variety of content to train your dog to talk and interact with

🧈【Dog training buttons】: Is a training process that requires the owner to take the dog to exercise repeatedly so that the dog remembers which button to press will get what such as eating, going out to play, etc.

🧈【Buttons for communication】: Many interesting interactions can be carried out through buttons, which can be used in classes, games and as a way of communication for autistic children.

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