DIY – Crochet Cat Toy – Ollie’s Ragamuffin Balls

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This is an original kitty toy pattern I came up with for my poopie-schmoopie Ollie. I am by no means a crochet expert (plus I have pain in my hands) so this was difficult- but worth it to see my kitty happy.

I am using size 3 crochet thread in this video and a 2.5mm hook but you can use any cotton thread or cotton yarn (No synthetics, synthetic yarn mouth is icky) and an appropriately sized hook.

Start with a foot allowance and then chain 92. Then go in to the second chain from the hook and chain 9. Single crochet down the chain of 9, then single crochet twice through 2 of the main chain, in the third make another chain of 9 and single crochet down it… etc. the length of the long chain to form all the legs. At the end leave another foot allowance and cut from ball.

Thread both tails through a tapestry needle and then weave through the length of the main chain taking care to not catch a leg.

Once through sew the ring together, then sew through the center in various directions to form a ball in the center. Again, take care not to catch any legs.

When you are done weaving through the ball secure the thread by pushing through a chunk of middle-mass and then before pulling all the way through thread the needle through the loop twice. Pull tight. Repeat.

Now you should be safe to cut the remaining thread off.

Also, you may crochet a long chain and sew it onto the ball so you can then attach the toy on a string to a pole of some sort- I used a wooden backscratcher because it was the proper length and had a hole at the end which was perfect- plus it doubles when I have an itch.

BEWARE: Double use backscratcher/cat toy will initiate play every time you have an itch

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