Dhohoo Probiotics for Dogs and Cats, Natural Digestive Enzymes & Ginger for Intestinal Balance- Powder Supplements for Pets with Fiber & Brewer’s Yeast

[Encourages Smooth Digestion] With key natural ingredients, fiber & probiotics that help repopulation and growth of useful microorganisms of your pet’s gut. For better bowel balance, smooth stools. Having good digestion is beneficial for your kitty and pup because it helps control blood sugar and pressure which leads to a well-functioning heart.

[Benefits of Brewer’s Yeast] Brewer’s yeast is great for a shiny fur and smooth skin coat. DhohOo’s Probiotics for Dogs and Cats consists of key ingredients like brewer’s yeast that is naturally rich in minerals, B-complex vitamins, and chromium probiotics that help puppies and kitties maintain a happy tummy and strong body. Rich in protein for nurturing muscle growth.

[Powder Formula for Better Absorption] Probiotics for dogs and natural enzymes that break down food are more easily absorbed in powder form and you can serve them with your pet’s meal. No more struggling to feed them pills. It’s gentle even for doggos and kitties with sensitive tummies.

[Feeding Directions] Give 1 to 8 teaspoons per day to medium and large dogs, depending on weight. For small dogs (under 10 kg) and cats 1 teaspoon per day regardless of weight is recommended. It’s not suitable for pregnant lactating pets unless your vet recommends it. For pets with sensitive stomachs start with 1/2 of the recommended dose for 5 days.

Nurture a Playful Spirit in a Furry Body] As a well-known French brand, DhohOo is dedicated to pet wellness and well-being. Every single one of our pet products is made with our furry buddies in mind, they are cruelty-free and lab tested.

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