D.Jane Cat Window Bed Hammock Window Mounted Cat Perch Sunny Seat for Small Indoor Cat up to 28 lb with Suction Cups (Grey, Grey)

Please verify seller D.Jane or you may not get the same item as described.WINDOW MOUNTED CAT PERCH—Your cat will be entertained for hours lying in a warm sunny place in our cozy bed-like cat hammock .It provides her favourite spot with front view of nature for her basking in the sun,snoozing,sunbathing,napping,bird watching,and looking outside world go by.

SAFETY—Improved safety loop(attaches to the tray)secures to connect the bed part to the metal frame which solves the seat flip issue.So the cat won’t knock the bed tray off when they hop on and off. Suction pads/cups up to 28lbs adhere firmly which increases the cat’s stay-on reliability.

STURDY&DURABILITY—Thick sturdy cat bed with fuzzy velvet feeling brings extra touching comfort and non-slippery material ensures the safety for your kitty. No hanging wires for cat to chew or get tangled.Metal construction makes it long lasting durability. For Kitty with height fear ,this cat window seat can be used as multi-tier climbing ladder and multiple color available goes well with your indoor color scheme.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND SPACE-SAVING for SMALL NARROW SHORT WINDOW—The smallest HORIZONTAL size of the glass is 10.6”/ 27CM, and the smallest VERTICAL size is 13”/33CM. Metal supported with 4 suction cups attaches to any window glass(not for frosted glass or glass with UV protective film).No tools or window sill are required

Gentle reminder—Our suction cups are designed with fasting mounting,repositioning or replacing .But for the safety purpose it is not advisable to take it on and off very often .It may interfere with your vertical blinds or curtains.Please consider it before placing order .For some cats it takes a bit longer to warm up to the perch.Lay your cat’s favourite blanket or toys on the tray to make it more bed-like and comfortable .Soak the cups in warm water beforehand for best grip.

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