Cooper And Gracie C&G Cruelty free Pet Care C&G | Antibacterial Anti Fungal Itchy Dog Spray | Dogs Allergy Itch Relief | Animal Skin Itch 500ML

100% PUPPY SAFE CRUELTY FREE DOG FIRST AID – Perfect plant derived antiseptic cleaning and soothing for sensitive itchy skin that can occur from scratching and insect bites.

NO STING FAST ABSORPTION – Quickly absorbed into dogs dry itchy skin to ensure soothed and calmed itchy dog skin.

SKIN NOURISHING HAIR GROWTH – Naturally maintain a healthy, soft and shiny coat whilst instantly aiding and soothing itchy skin.

REDUCED ITCHING – Instantly soothing vegan formula that can be applied to blemished, itchy skin brought about by scratching or insect bites

C&G SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We promise to deliver the best quality products and proudly stand by our 30day money back guarantee

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