CB2 HEMP OIL FOR DOGS [200,000mg] Extra Strength For Pain & Anxiety. Advanced Hip and Joint Supplement. Relieves: Pain / Arthritis / Inflammation / Separation Anxiety / Stress / Aggression / Barking. Calming & Relaxing Effect. Improves Mobility. Supports Immune & Brain Function. 100% ORGANIC & All-Natural. 240mL/8oz EXTRA LARGE Bottle. Made in CANADA.

✅ PAIN & INFLAMMATION: Is your best friend slowing down because of joint pain and arthritis? Don’t let them suffer any longer. CB2 Hemp Oil for dogs is highly effective for all types of pain and mobility issues. Natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory effect for arthritis, hip and joint pain, hip dysplasia, aging, injuries. Lubricates joints and improves mobility/flexibility. Excellent for senior dogs.

✅ ANXIETY & STRESS: It’s so hard to watch our dogs suffer from fear, anxiety and stress. CB2 helps your dogs maintain a relaxed and calm disposition, whether it’s during separation, travel, motion sickness or tension caused by changes in your pet’s daily routine. Significantly lowers stress levels. Also reduces behavioral issues such as aggression, barking and hyperactivity.

✅ VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED: 100X the strength and effectiveness vs regular hemp oils on the market. Contains a whopping 200,000mg of organic hemp oil + omega 3 + CB2 extract for maximum potency. CAUTION: most companies sell 30mL or 60mL bottles. Our extra large bottle is 240mL for excellent value and long term benefit for your dog!

✅ QUALITY ASSURANCE CERTIFIED: Therapeutic grade. All natural ingredients (HUMAN GRADE). Quality, purity, and safety is 100% GMP certified. Made with certified organic hemp oil (Canadian grown). Non-GMO. No psychoactive effects (zero THC) and no side-effects. Appropriate for all dogs (all breeds, all sizes and all ages). Made in Canada (FDA and Health Canada regulated facility).

✅ 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We are so confident in the premium quality of our CB2 Hemp Oil for Dogs, that we promise a full money-back guarantee! If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, we will issue you an IMMEDIATE REFUND (no questions asked, no return required). Try it absolutely risk-free! We truly care about your pets and we value integrity and trust. JOIN 100,000+ HAPPY DOG OWNERS ACROSS CANADA AND USA…. YOUR DOG DESERVES THIS!

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