Cat Water Fountain, PVUEL Cat Dog Water Fountain for Drinking, 3L Automatics Pet Water Dispenser with 4 Replacement Filters LED Water Level Window, Suit for Cats, Dogs, Multiple Pets (Gray)

【Noise-Free Design】 PVUEL pet water fountain is automatically provide water for pets, pets are easily spooked by unidentified noise. We noticed it and improved this defect for not scaring pets coming close drinking. With this improvement, even when it is functioning and night, it will not to disturbing sleeping.

【Multiple Fountain Outlet】Our pet water fountain has two different water flow modes: Sprout Waterfall and Bubble Fountain. Each mode can meet difference needs of various pets. Water flow variations attract pets to drink more water. Waterfall mode is more attractive to cats to drink water. Bubble Fountain is more suitable for dogs.

【 Large Capacity】Our water container is 3L large capacity which is enough to supply two pets and satisfy the water consumption of an adult cat/dog for 3-5 days. Large capacity is convenient for pet owners to reduce the frequency of adding water. If the owner travels for a short time or has many pets, 3L large capacity ensure the needs of pet water drinking everyday.

【Triple Filter System】The filter element of the Pvuel pet waterer has a 24-hour cycle three-layer filter system. The filtration system consists of two layers of high-density cotton, activated carbon and ion exchange resin. Non-woven fabrics and needle-punched cotton can filter out a large amount of foreign matter, and use activated carbon to remove peculiar smell and residual chlorine. The last layer of ion exchange resin softens water.

【LED Indicator Light】The Pvuel pet water dispenser has an LED indicator to ensure that you can find the water dispenser at night to prevent tripping. The LED indicator also reminds you to add water when it is red. If the pet fountain is full of water, it will turn blue. The LED indicator on the exterior adds visual status. Pets can easily drink water in the dark.

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