Cat Tree, 140cm Multi-Storey Cat Tree Frame Housing Furniture Cat Activity Tower, Cat Tree With Funny Cat Pet Ball, Kitty Pet Playhouse with Scratching Post

[Sturdy and comfortable] The material of the cat tree is carefully selected. The high-quality particleboard plus the skin-friendly plush covering is the key to the comfort and warmth of the cat tree. In order to make the cat tree more stable, the bottom The base of the cat tree has been reinforced and equipped with anti-dumping accessories to provide multiple guarantees for the stability and firmness of the cat tree.

[Tips and suggestions] Your dear cat likes a comfortable little home to rest. This cat tree can not only become a warm home for cats, but also provide a place for cats to entertain, so that cats can maintain a certain degree of positiveness , I believe your cat will be interested in thickening this cat tree! At the same time, this cat tree is suitable for small and medium cats. If it is a large cat, please do not buy it. After all, large cats need more space for activities.

[Rich entertainment] The cat’s natural curiosity is destined to always love to play. This cat tree also has a wealth of entertainment accessories. The pillars are wrapped with natural environmentally friendly hemp rope to form a cat’s claw column. It can effectively reduce the cat’s scratching of furniture, and there are funny cat balls on the cat tree, so that the cat can stay active and happy.

[Beautiful appearance] The design of this cat tree not only focuses on tailor-made for cats, but also considers the appearance design of the entire product. The appearance has been polished and modified many times by professional designers, which can be suitable for different design styles. The room, while providing a comfortable home for the cat, can also decorate the user’s own home, which is truly beautiful and practical!

[Excellent design] This cat tree has a spacious room of 35CM*32CM. The room is also covered with skin-friendly soft materials to create a warm and comfortable rest, allowing cats to enjoy the cat tree more, and A hanging chair is also provided, so that the cat can have a different rest experience. The multi-layer platform design is very suitable for the characteristics of cats who love to climb. All of these are tailor-made for cats!

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