CAT TAILER The Small and Light Bluetooth Waterproof Cat Tracker with 328 ft Range and 6 Month Battery Life | NOT a GPS Locator

SHORT TERM PRODUCTION AND MANUFACTURING DELAY: Due to the recent circumstances the world is facing, our production and manufacturing process is facing some slight delays. You may notice that our product is occasionally out of stock. Rest assured this won’t last for long! We are actively working with our suppliers to get new Cat Tailers to you as quickly as possible. Please continue to check back for re-stock dates.

LONG RANGE BLUETOOTH TRACKING DEVICE: The Cat Tailer ranges up to 328 feet under line of sight conditions working indoors and outdoors. Please note: ALL wireless devices have their range impacted by the environment, car, trees, houses, hills, even WiFi activity and which way you or your pet are facing will reduce this range considerably.

NOT AN EXACT GPS LOCATOR, BUT HIGHLY EFFECTIVE IF USED PROPERLY: The Cat Tailer does not include GPS capabilities and thus CANNOT provide a map with the exact location of your pet. Distance information is approximate and will vary even when neither you nor your pet are moving. The distance info is provided to aid in finding your pet, NOT as a way to measure the distance to your pet.

SMALL AND LIGHTWEIGHT BLUETOOTH TRACKING DEVICE ATTACHES RIGHT TO ANIMAL’S COLLAR: We are the smallest and lightest, waterproof, pet tracking device with long range (only 1.08″ in diameter and weighs 0.28 oz.) with a long, 6 month battery life. Rest assured that your cats or dogs won’t even notice this lightweight and adorable tracker. Plus, our cat trackers are 100% WATERPROOF enduring rainy days and water bowls!

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: At Cat Tailer, we have a passion for keeping humans and their furry friends together. If you are having any trouble getting your device set up or working properly, please contact Cat Tailer Support directly and we will assist you one-on-one to make sure you are getting the most out of your tracker before making a return. If necessary, we will send you a replacement to give you the best chance of finding your pet! Includes ONE YEAR WARRANTY.

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