Cat Scratch Deterrent Spray, Cat Training Spray, Anti Scratch Repellent Spray, Anti Cat Scratching Deterrent Protect Your Furnture, Carpet and Plants

Cat Scratch Deterrent Spray: You can spray this spray on any place you don’t want cats to touch, sofas, plants, cars, wardrobes, etc.

Why you need it? This is the ideal cat training spray to protect your furniture and carpet. Protect furniture and houses.This cat spray stops most cats from scratching furniture and sofas.

Gentle& Effective: Gentle botanical ingredients are effective for most cats, so you can protect your furniture while having the perfect pet companion.

Cat Trainin Spray: Trains the cat to stay away from the object or area sprayed – Pleasant citrus smell for you…..awful smell for your feline friend. Over time, the scent creates a NO GO and NO SCRATCH area for your cat.

Suggestion: For best results, you need to use 4 times per day for the every week. If you apply the trainer only once or twice and expect immediate and conclusive results you may be disappointed.

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