Cat Litter Mat Trapper Honeycomb Anti Tracking Caseeto Kitten Litter Box Mat Anti-slip Waterproof Washable (Black, L 45*60cm)

[Quality Material] Made of high-elastic EVA materials, this cat litter mat is soft and springy, just like stepping on a yoga mat, suitable for cats who like soft touch and will not scratch the feet. This mat trapper is suitable for more than 95% of cat litter.

[Convenient Handles] Designed with handles on both sides, which is easy for you to hold, carry and pour the litter back into the box.

[Honeycomb Layer] The litter mat trapper is double-layered. The upper layer is made of through-hole honeycomb material so that the litter can easily fall through the holes without splashing and the cat will not feel it on the feet when step on it.

[Bottom Layer] The anti-slip and waterproof bottom layer is to store cat litter, absorb water, pee or any other liquid and can effectively prevent the cat from sliding and getting injured.

[Easy to Clean] This cat litter pad helps a lot in catching the tracked litter outside of the litter box and stopping the cat from tracking litter everywhere on the couch or bed. It’s flexible, washable, easy to clean and dry fast.

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