Cat Fountain Stainless Steel, Parner New-Version Ultra-Quiet Pet Water Fountain, Silver 2.5L Pet Water Dispenser with LED Light, Electric Flower Cat Drinking Fountain, with 2 Filters & 1 Silicone Pad

😻Upgrade Standard SUS304 Stainless Steel: 😻Composed of stainless steel tray and stainless steel basin, unbreakable, durable and easy to clean, support high temperature disinfection and can be passed through the dishwasher, better than plastic and ceramic materials, friendly to pets, highly recommended by vets.

😻Quadruple Purification System: 😻Equip with 2 high quality filters, which are made up of non-woven fabric, cotton layer, coconut shell activated carbons, and ion-exchange resin, effectively purify the water, remove impurities and food residues in the water, provide fresher and more delicious drinking water for pets.

😻Super-quiet & Low Consumption Pump: 😻With no more noise, our stainless steel cat fountain is ultra quiet (< 30 dB) and will not disturb your rest or sleep. Pre-filter sponge trap the hair and residue from outside the pump, ensuring a service life of 2.5 to 4 years. 1.5W ultra-low power consumption, power saving.

😻Three Flowing Options: 😻Flower waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain 3 water flow can attract pets to drink more water, but also increase the oxygen content in the water, improve the water quality, help to prevent your pets from urinary and kidney diseases. (Pull out the orange part to achive flower bubble)

😻2.5L Large Capacity with LED Light: 😻Small size, but holds a fair amount of water, no need to keep adding water. The LED light leaks blue from the top, making it easy to see it in the dark, particularly for older cats whose vision is starting to suffer at night.

😻Pump Cleaning Instructions: 😻Please clean the pump regularly and replace the filters. ①Remove the pump cover. ②Place your fingernail under the pointed end of the impeller cap and pull it off. ③Take out the impeller and clean all the parts with soap and warm water. (Especially surface of the black magnet and inside of the white part.)

😻To find replacement filters: 😻Search B08Y9216N5 on Amazon ,replacement pump: search B08Y91S5P1 on Amazon.

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