Best Paw Nutrition – Bacon Flavour Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs & Cats – Chondroitin, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid – Dog Arthritis Home Remedy – Joint Supplement for Hip & Joint Pain Relief Pets Love – 32oz

HIPS & JOINTS PAIN RELIEF – Formulated for pets that suffer from stiffness, limping or difficulty climbing stairs. The only complete joint formula with anti-aging vitamins and minerals. Lubricates worn cartilage and tendons from hip dysplasia. Made to bring back the pep in your pet’s step.

MOBILITY MIRACLE – Provides advanced immune support to help keep the body strong and moving pain-free. A complete, maximum strength anti-inflammatory pain reliever. Helping extend mobility and rejuvenate joints. Running, playing, and jumping for a snuggle is what our dogs are supposed to do!

MOST EFFECTIVE – The best and fastest rate of absorption. Better than chews, bites, treats, tablets, pills or powders. No more force-feeding or unhealthy additives or fillers. Your senior pet can feel like a puppy again. While keeping a clean, healthy diet.

VET RECOMMENDED – Veterinarians recommend trying Dog & Cat Dream Glucosamine before medication. Safe, natural and no-side effects make it a veterinarian’s top choice. Try this right away if you’re looking for a home remedy alternative to medicine.

NATURAL, PLANT SOURCED BACON FLAVOURING – An arthritis supplement made for taste sensitive fur babies. The only liquid pain relief with maximum results. Simple to dispense over food, mix and serve! Picky eaters love the texture it gives their meal. They won’t even know it’s there. You’ll wish you got your paws on sooner!

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