Aumuca Cat Brush and Dog Brush with Massage Particles Detachable Cat Brushes for Short Haired Cats Removes Mats, Tangles and Loose Hair for Small, Medium & Large Pets

【Unique Detachable Design】Cat brushes for long haired cats consist of a brush head with bristles and a brush handle, and they are connected by a screw in the middle, which is very EASY TO DISASSEMBLE. It means dog brushes for shedding can be placed in a travel backpack or other bags for two parts, which are very convenient to carry.

【Durable Material】Long hair cat brush is especially designed with high-quality stainless steel needles, which will not be deformed for a long time, and with environmentally-friendly handle, cat grooming brush makes grooming More LABOR-SAVING.

【EASY TO CLEAN】Simply click the self-cleaning button of the cat shedding brush, and the cleaning plate will push hair to the front to tear off the whole piece, when you’re done brushing your pet. And you will find cleanup is SUPER EASY.

【Comfortable to Massage】The skin-friendly short hair cat brush has stainless steel needles with a 120-degree bend and some elasticity, which are also covered with soft massage beads. Doing massage for your pet is good for preventing skin disease and increasing blood circulation, and leaves your pets coat SOFT AND SHINY.

【Suitable for Most of Types of Pet】Cat brush for shedding gently removes loose hair, and eliminates tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt, grooming the hair quickly, gently and effectively. Dog slicker brush WORKS GREAT on most of dogs and cats with different size and hair types.

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