After Surgery Cat Recovery Collar,Cute Adjustable Cat Cone ,Soft and Comfortable Elizabethan Collar for Wound Healing Protective to Prevent from Biting & Scratching for Kittens Cat (Strawberry)

🐈【COMFORTABLE WOUND PROTECTION RING】The soft and comfortable Recovery Collar will not make kittens feel uncomfortable without sacrificing the protection of the wound.

🐈【A VARIETY OF CUTE SHAPES】There are three lovely fruit shapes to choose from: watermelon, strawberry, and orange. The Cat Recovery Collar is also a perfect decoration. It can make your kitten cuter.

🐈【ADJUSTABLE NECK CIRCUMFERENCE】The Cat Recovery Collar can adjust the size of the collar to fit most kittens. The collar adjustment range is 6″-14″.

🐈【HIGH-QUALITY RAW MATERIALS】The high-quality shell and cotton padding make Cat Recovery Collar soft and light. Wearing it for a long time will not make the cat feel uncomfortable.

🐈【APPLICATION OCCASIONS】The Cat Recovery Collar can be used in After Surgery to prevent cats from licking wounds or scratching face wounds with their paws. It can also prevent people from being bitten by cats when cutting their nails.

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