ADEPTNA Premium Super Soft Cuddly Hanging Cushion Pet Cat Radiator Plush Bed with Strong Durable Frame to Hook on Radiator – Ideal for all Cats Kittens up to 10kgs – Keep your Pet Warm and Cosy

LUXURIOUSLY CAT RADIATOR BED – The cat hammock is secured by a metal frame and hangs luxuriously from wall radiators. It is capable of adapting to standard wide radiators. Your Cat like warm and cuddly places, with this radiator bed you give your cat a new place.

WASHABLE COVER – Worried if it will get all dirty? The cover of the hanging radiator bed can be easily taken out and can be washed. Material: 100% Polyester. Frame: Metal. It can be washed up to 30 degrees Celsius for quick washing. (Cold water cycle)

EASY TO INSTALL – Just adjust the metal frame to the height of the radiator and hang in place of your radiator heater. When not in use, just simply fold down for easy storage space.

ABSOLUTE NECESSITY FOR YOUR PET – Our Super Soft cat radiator bed is perfect spot to curl up during the winter season next to your radiator’s warmth. Your pet will be all nice and cosy in this bed. Even the most fussy cats jumps right in this bed, especially on the chilly cold evenings!

DIMENSIONS – 55cm x 43cm x 26cm (approx.). This bed has maximum weight capacity up to 10Kgs. All in one – the atmosphere and the heat of the heater create a pleasant space of comfort and perfect space for your pet to relax! Easily hooks over most radiators.

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