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Welcome To AbeaPet Store!  Your Number One Source For All Pet Products.

Founded In 2017 By Bogdan Anton, AbeaPet Has Come A Long Way. His Love For Animals Drove Him To Start This Store, And Gave Him The Impetus To Turn Hard Work And Inspiration Into To A Booming Online Store. We Now Serve Customers All Over The World, And Are Thrilled To Be A Part Of The Ones That Are Helping Animals In Need.

Part Of Your Shopping Will Be Donated To Animals In Need!

Every Day, Animals In The World Are Exposed, Tortured And Brutally Killed. Many People Take Too Little Responsibility For Their Pets And Leave Them On The Streets. They Multiply Quickly On The Street And More And More Puppies Grow Up Without Loving Owners. Their Life Is A Single Struggle That Usually Ends In Painful Death, Either From Starvation And Disease, Or By Being Poisoned.

But For Some of Them There Is Hope. They End Up In Shelters, Where For The First Time They Experience A Little Human Love.
With All The Luck They Will Be Adopted, by a Family. AbeaPet Mission Is To Save The Lives Of Homeless Animals. We Are Committed To Animal Shelters Whose Monetary Resources Are No Longer Sufficient To Accommodate More Helpless Dog Lives. By Doing So, We Help To Improve The Lives Of These Dogs During Their Stay In Shelters And Hopefully Achieve More Adoptions. We Stand For Helping Animals In need.

That’s Why We Donate Part Of The Total Revenue At The End Of The Month To A Organization!
Something Your Dog Loves Is Not In Our Store? You Are Welcome To Suggest New Product Ideas!

Many Thanks!

Bogdan A.

Owner AbeaPet Store

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