6 Pack Interactive Toy Balls for Cats & Kittens with Bells Inside to Keep Them Busy | to Hunt and Chase | Clearance | to Play with & Lose Weight | Indoor | Cheap Pack | Fetch & Sparkle

✅Stress relief — Stress and anxiety are as harmful to our feline friends as they are to us. Stressed cats are more likely to develop behavioral problems, such as aggression, urine spraying or obsessive-compulsive disorders. One of the best ways to counteract kitty stress? Regular playtime with you (and it just may lower your stress level, too).

✅Exercise — Play encourages your cat to be active, helps maintain a healthy body weight and keeps muscles toned and strong. Activities that let your cat express their natural hunting instincts also help keep their mind alert and active.

✅Break from boredom — Cats are naturally curious and need some type of challenge or entertainment every day. If they aren’t entertained or challenged, cats can become bored, lethargic and depressed. Interactive playtime, along with other toys or entertainment while you’re away from home, can help avoid kitty boredom and mischief.

✅Enhance bonding — Playing with your cat is an excellent way to increase the bond that you share with your cat.

✅Improve their hunting skills

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