3PCS Cat Toys Indoor Pet Toys Funny Cat Pen Sight Pointer High Power Color Dot Light Pen Meter Pen Pet Interactive Toys Pet Accessories Cat Chasing Toy Cat Laser Pointer (No Battery Included)

【HELP YOUR PET EXERCISE】—- Excellent interactive funny toys can not only bring endless fun, but also exercise the pets body and agility. This small laser stick cat hunting can let your kitten release its hunting nature to your hearts content, and you and your kitten will have unprecedented fun.

【BRING YOU AND YOUR PET CLOSER】—- By using cat laser pointer to play with your pet, you can make your relationship better without consuming too much energy. It is an excellent interactive toy.

【CAN BE USED WITHOUT MOVING】—- You donâ€t have to wield the feather toy to interact with your pets, you just need to sit on a chair and swipe the laser 3 colors pointer, you can get the same or even better interactive effect as the feather stick.

【STURDY LASER PEN】—- This cat dog indoor product is made of hard aluminum, simple in shape, sturdy and durable, and can be used for a long time.Compared with the traditional cat feather toy, its biggest advantage is that it is very labor-saving.

【EASY TO USE】—- Easy to use, when you want to use, just touch the switch to emit rays. Please be careful not to shine light directly on the eyes of pets or people.Besides,you can use Laser pointer in your speech, teaching or construction site: it’s a great way to point out what you want to say and let the audience focus on it.

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