21 PCs Hightingale Cat Indoor Interactive Toys Kitten Toys Including Three-Hole Tunnel Teaser Wand Golf with Feather Balls and mice

ABOUT THIS ITEM: Valuable cat toy set: 21 pcs cat interactive toys including 2 bell balls, 2 rainbow balls, 2 bell toys, 2 cloth balls, 2 paper balls, 2 colorful mice, 2 little mice, 1 sisal mouse, 1 fuzzy ball, 2 bell toys, 1 golf with feather, 1 teaser wand, and 1 curved tunnel.

Comprehensive and Entertaining toy set: curved tunnel to hugely arouse cats’ attention and ensure your cats enough exercising to maintain good health condition; several different kinds of artificial mice to meet with the needs for cats hunting instinct; a teaser wand to enhance your intimacy with your lovely pal; and several other kinds of toys to get rid of boredom.

High quality and safety: All pieces of the interactive toys are composed of non-toxic material. The materials are also very durable which would not be easily torn apart. They are suitable for all kinds of indoor activities and could easily be washed clean. ALL materials are environmentally friendly.

Good for cats physical and mental health: Stabilize the emotion of cats. Provide more chances for them to do different kind of exercises. Keep your cats in happy mood which is great for their mental health.

Free your own time for a better quality of life! Endless work to overcome? Feel tired of taking care of your lovely pet? With Hightingale 21 pcs interactive cat toy, your cat can play by itself. If you have children, you can make more fun by letting kids and cats playing together! Free your own time and enhance the quality of life for all of you! Kill two birds with one stone!

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