200g Braided Lamb Skin (Approx 20 Sticks) 6" Inch Natural Dog Treat Chew Gluten & Grain Free By JR Pet Products

200g Braided Lamb Skin (Approx 20 Sticks) 6″ Inch Natural Dog Treat

Made from just one single ingredient- top quality lamb. No additives, no preservatives nothing! Grain Free – Gluten Free – Wheat Free.

Great for small & medium dogs & those dogs with missing teeth or sensitive Gum’s.

The 6 Inch Braided Lamb Skin Sticks are a cheaper, softer alternative to our bull Pizzle sticks, Made from 100% Lamb Skin, your Dog will enjoy this long lasting, tasty, healthy, meaty, natural chew!

Here at JR Pet Products we responsibly source these Braided Lamb Skin Sticks from Europe ensuring premium quality.

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