12 X 4cm Soft Rubber Foam Rolling Balls for Cat toys for Indoor Cats Interactive Cat Toy Sponge Bouncy Floating Sports Play Balls Smiley Kitten Toys Assorted (12 Pack)

These are active Rolling Ball for your Kitty Cat. Made from Non-Toxic Soft Rubber Foam which makes it safer for cats or kittens

These 4cm dia cat balls are Soft, Bouncy, Floating and Lightweight, making it an easy cat ball toy. These Cat Teaser are easy to chase, carry or even if you want to toss it in the air.

These are ideal Cat Presents or Interactive Toys for cats & Kittens. Due to the nature of these balls, these are quiet and noise free cat balls. So, no more disturbance while you’re at sleep or working from home.

The cat toy set includes Sports and Smileys designs inspired from football, tennis and Smileys (as shown). In a Cat toy Bundle of 12, you will receive 4 of each design. Similarly, in a bundle of 24, you will receive 8 of each design.

This is the toy cat will love to play and such toys are ideal to be interactive, minimize boredom, promote exercise, training & activity. These Cat toys interactive provides fun and entertainment. A Great Kitten Toy.

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