100 pcs Cat Spring Toy Colorful Spiral Springs Creative and Interactive Durable Heavy Plastic Toys for Indoor Cats Swatting Biting Hunting Kitten Toys

【Package Included】: Our kitten toys for indoor cats come with 100 pieces of springs.Size approx:1.77 X0.98 inch/ 4.5cmX2.5cm.

【Material】: Non-Toxic Materials — Made of safe, strong and flexible plastic, This cat spring toy have smoothness outside and super springy! No hurt to kittens!

【4 Bright Colors】: Cats like bright colors. Our cat plastic springs are composed of 4 classic colors of yellow, green, pink and blue, Multicolor and bright colors add to the fun.

【Interactive Cat Toy】: The toys encourage activity and exercise for better overall cat health. the erratic movements will keep your cat on it’s toes as it bats, kicks, tosses and pounces, keeping your cats amused.

【Soft and Elastic】: Small springs can bounce randomly. It is an interactive cat toy for an indoor cat. You can press it and release it you cat like to catch swat, bit, hunt these kitten toys to kill time and keep fit.

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